Sunday, July 19, 2009


Yoghurt is the friend of every healthy eater- yummy, versatile, full of protein and calcium and (depending on the type) low in fat and sugar. Perfect!

It's those parenthesised words that are the kicker!

One of my favourite changes over the past year or so has been the gradual, and nearly complete, transition from flavoured (by the manufacturer) yoghurt to flavoured (by me) yoghurt. Instead of buying pottles of sugary or fake-sugary yoghurt, I buy plain, unsweetened yoghurt (my absolute favourite is Naturlea, but "Slimmers Choice", Yoplait Lite Greek and De Winkels are also yum!), and then go nuts!

Today I've added frozen blueberries,cinnamon, honey and walnuts to my yoghurt for an afternoon snack. Sometimes a little banana, if I'm in need of some energy, or almonds (sliced or whole), or whatever's in the cupboard. It might work out a little more expensive (surprise, surprise- good quality fresh ingredients cost more than processed), and even a little higher calorie, but the yumminess factor and the control factor (very important to a type A like me) way outweigh those as far as I'm concerned!


  1. I'm laughing because it was you who inspired me to start making porridge from scratch, and now you're making me think I should make the switch with yoghurt as well. My afternoon snack at the moment is half a cup of flavoured De Winkels. I love the Puhoi yoghurts, but I like them a little too much and eating a whole 400 gram pottle in one sitting is both gluttonous and expensive!

  2. Agreed - flavoured yogurt is full of sugar! I like mixing stuff in my yogurt too :)