Friday, July 17, 2009

Another missed photo!

This morning's breakfast was definitely a missed photo opportunity. After oats and dates and a 1:30 run (sooo good- read all about it on my running blog!), we met friends for brunch at one of the best cafes in Wellington- the Maranui surf club.

I mulled over the menu for ages, before deciding to try the Victory Breakfast (vege big breakfast) for the first time- after all, I was feeling victorious after my run! It had perfectly poached eggs, grainy toast (I ate one egg on toast and had to give the rest to Phil), crushed avocado, grilled tomatoes with homemade almond pesto, wilted spinach, mushrooms (which I didn't eat, cos I don't like them) and some herbed potatoes (I ate one, but didn't want to waste space on potatoes!)

It was amazing- huge, but delicious and so SO much better than the standard big vege breakfast fare! So often it's just egg with a bit of sloppy tomato, a hash brown, and a couple of spinach leaves (if that)!

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  1. Oh, you're making me hungry! Sounds delish! I hate mushrooms too..ick.