Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's HoBOO!

"What's HoBOO?" you ask

Well, it's Home Baked Only October.

Reading Holly's blog awhile back, I came across some key principles by Michael Pollan in a recent speech. Number (4) on Holly's list stuck out:

Eat all the junk food you want if you make it yourself.

Well- that's a challenge if I ever saw one!

Since Jenn and I have been baking more recently and trying to buy less junk, I knew I could count her in. And Phil's a sucker for a nutrition bandwagon, so he was a sure bet.

So, it's time for "no junk unless you made it yourself October". That didn't quite have the right ring to it, so we enlisted the help of facebook, and a helpful friend supplied us with Home Baked Only October, or HoBOO for short (that's right, the kids can call you HoBOO).

This means no candy, no chocolate (except in baking), no chippies, no hot chips, no bought biscuits, cakes, or icecream, well- basically no bought baking.

But to make it a little easier, we can have all the homemade brownies....



chocolate chip cookies...

banana bread...

and molten chocolate marshmallow cakes...

we want!

Let the baking begin!


  1. You probably don't get Canadian magazines, but Canadian Family (maybe you can look it up online?) has tons of recipes for homemade halloween candy - like salted caramels, sponge toffee, pink popcorn, candy apples....yum!

  2. Crikey!

    After bootcamp, ooo may do a little baking!

    It's a really good idea,

  3. ohhhh girl i am LOVING this challenge! i cannot wait to see the results - pioneer woman is a total genius!